First Call Pilot Project


  • Call the foreclosure hotline at 1-888-664-2569 at the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection.  Tell them you are going to FDP mediation and find out about free help in your area and how best to prepare for mediation.
  • Plan to spend the morning in court. Have a good breakfast and bring a snack.
  • Plan to arrive at court on time or early for your Informational Session! The session will begin promptly, and important information is provided by a judge and a housing counselor. You won't want to miss anything.
  • Be prepared to wait your turn for mediation.  Everyone should be finished by lunchtime.
  • Make a list of where your money comes from and figure out about how much money you have each month.  This could be funds from any source.  You will be given a form at court asking your income for use at mediation.  It will be easy to fill in if you write it down ahead of time.
  • If you have paystubs from a job you have now, bring the last two you have received.
  • Be prepared to talk about what you want to do with your home.  If you know you want to keep it, or sell it, say that in mediation.  If you want to know what your choices are, say that too.