Resources for Mediators

Court Forms

The PDF files below require the free Adobe Reader.

  • FDP-05, Foreclosure Mediator's Report (Word)
  • FDP-05, Foreclosure Mediator's Report (PDF)
  • FDP-05A, FDP Document Submission Worksheet (Word)
  • FDP-05A, FDP Document Submission Worksheet (PDF)
  • Explanation of Terms Used in Mediator's Report (PDF)
  • FDP-08, Schedule of Available Dates (PDF)
  • FDP-09, Report of Noncompliance (Word)
  • FDP-09, Report of Noncompliance (PDF)
  • FDP-10, Joint Motion to Stay (PDF)
  • FDP-12, PORTLAND ONLY, Request for Additional Mediation (PDF)
  • FDP Mediation Exit Survey (PDF)

Governing Authorities, Policies, and FDP Information:



  • ADRIS is an online database used by mediators and the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to collect mediation data and process payment for mediation services.
  • ADRIS web site: This link works if you are ONLY connected to the JB network.
  • If you are trying to access ADRIS and are outside the JB network, you will need to use This link will ONLY work if you are outside the network and it cannot include the https:// prefix.
  • FDP ADRIS User's Guide (Revised 10-27-11)
  • CADRES ADRIS User's Guide (Revised 11-4-11)
  • ADRIS FAQs (Revised 9-7-11)
  • If you need help remembering your login or password, please call the AOC at 822-0706 for assistance during regular court business hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.