Maine District Court - Presque Isle


Mailing: 27 Riverside Drive, P.O. Box 794, Presque Isle 04769

Clerk: Sandra Thomas

Phone: (207) 764-2055

TTY: (207) 764-2059

Court Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Maine District Court - Presque Isle

Driving Directions to Maine District Court - Presque Isle

Parking: Use Public Parking on Riverside Drive.


FROM THE SOUTH: Go north on Interstate 95. Take Exit 302 (formerly Exit 62), also mile marker 295 (Houlton exit). Turn left when exiting the Interstate onto Route 1'. Houlton to Presque Isle on Route 1 is approximately 43 miles. When entering the City of Presque Isle, you will want to be in the center lane. At the first traffic light (besides St. Mary's Church), you turn left. You are now on Chapman Street and you can see the Court on your right which is located at the corner of Chapman Street and Riverside Drive. The driveway from Chapman Street places you at the employees, District Attorney and Probation Department entrance. Follow the courthouse onto Riverside Drive, and you will find the public parking.

FROM THE NORTH: Taake Route 1 south to Presque Isle. At the 7th set of lights, be sure your in the right lane in order to turn onto Chapman Street and follow directions above.

BANGOR TO PRESQUE ISLE: I-95 To Houlton/Presque Isle Exit 302 (formerly Exit 62), also mile marker 295. This is the last exit before you enter Canada exits. Turn left off exit in Houlton. This will be Route 1. Keep going straight through Houlton, Monticello, Bridgewater, Mars Hill etc. Toward the end of Main Street in Mars Hill, there will be a fork in the road. (There is also a blinking light and you'll also see St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church on your right). Take the left fork. Presque Isle will be your next town, approximately 12 miles (+ - ). Once in the Town of Presque Isle, you'll pass the Chamber of Commerce, Comfort Inn on the left, County View Hotel on your right, and the University of Maine at Presque Isle on your left. At the first traffic light after the University, take a left. The court is right there on the right, behind the Main Street stores and Riverside Drive. This entrance will bring you into the employee parking lot and the rear basement entrance by the Probation and District Attorney's offices. The District Court clerk's office is upstairs.

Traveling South on Route 161: Follow Route 161 to Caribou. Route 161 becomes Route 1. Follow to Presque Isle. Cross the bridge before the Mall onto Main Street. Counting the traffic lights at the Mall Intersection, there will be six sets of lights at the 6th traffic light, you should be in the right hand lane. Turn right onto State Street. Just before you cross the State Street bridge, there is a street (Riverside Drive) on your left. Take Riverside Drive and you will see the Court building as soon as you turn onto Riverside. Follow that street, parking lot is located just before the building.