First Call Pilot in Bangor and Rockland Courts

Effective July 12, 2012

The "First Call" Pilot Project, starting in Bangor and Rockland courts in July, 2012, is designed by the Foreclosure Diversion Program to streamline the mediation process. This pilot project eliminates the six-week waiting period between the informational session and the first mediation, making it quicker and easier for homeowners and lenders to meet and discuss options to foreclosure. All cases at the informational session will proceed to mediation that same day, where parties will discuss the homeowner's situation and any options the lender might consider for the loan in question. Based on information shared at this mediation, the parties will make a clear plan of action, reflected in the mediator's report.

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If you have questions or need additional information call Laura Pearlman, Manager, Foreclosure Diversion Program at 207-822-0706 or