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In 2008, the District Court continued to operate the Domestic Violence Case Coordination Project, which began operation in 2002, with funds provided by a Domestic Violence Arrest Grant from the United States Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women. The Project seeks to ensure offender compliance with court-mandated conditions of probation and orders for protection from abuse through a post-adjudication review hearing process for convicted domestic violence offenders. The goal of the project is to enhance offender accountability through improved information management and coordination among the various agencies responsible for supervising the offenders’ compliance with court orders.

During 2008, the Project expanded to include Biddeford District Court, which held its first review in January 2008, and Machias District Court, which held its first review in December 2008.  The Project currently operates in ten courts and oversees compliance with court-ordered sentencing conditions for over 370 offenders.  In September 2008, the Project received two years of additional funding through an extension of the Domestic Violence Arrest Grant that will allow the Project to expand to three additional courts and will also fund technology improvements that will move Maine from a paper-based system to an electronic system for the issuance and maintenance of arrest warrants.

Domestic Violence Coordinator Jodie Johnson, and Domestic Violence Operational Specialist Lisa Bither provide ongoing support to the current project sites and will oversee the expansion to three new sites in the coming year.